Something we loved doing

We opened our shop over 25 years ago selling our cabs and jewelry. We are planning to close our our jewelry making business. All our jewelry has been sold and now we are selling lapidary slabs, rough and items we didn't use.

Most of our slabs are from rare and scarce material so they are great for specimens or cabochons. We're making it easier for you to make cabochons by preforming our rough slabs, by re-shaping them, sanding them smooth and removing all ugly pits and open fractures. You only need to finish them with a finer sanding and polish. You won't have any waste to deal with, which makes it much easier for you to finish them. There's lots of rare and scarce hard to find material which I will identify with name and origin (if I can remember). My pictures are good but you can only see their true beauty with them in hand. You will be happy with any purchase you make.

We have a lot of slabs in storage that will be cut to a small or medium size and sanded smooth. It's going to take some time to put all the slabs online so if you want to see something special we may have, let us know what it is your looking for.

FINISHING: My recommendation for finishing these slabs is to start with 600 diamond grit and finish with 1000 grit before polishing. For extra help I have created several posts that show how I create cabs, see my website blog on Designsbyshirl.com.

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